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Farm/Ranch For sale in Poltava, Poltava, Ukraine
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Stock-raising Farm FOR SALE! (2200 heads)

Farm/Ranch For sale in Poltava, Poltava, Ukraine

Sale Price: $375,500.00  
Stock-raising Farm FOR SALE! (2200 heads) Existing sheep breeding Farm and livestock production(meat and diary production; lamb meat) Farm complex is located in Dikansky district of Poltava region (Ukraine) 15 km far from Poltava city, on the banks of the Vorskla river. Land plot with a total area around 4 hectares, where all the Farm buildings are located, is privately owned. Additionally, the total area for Farm management is 96 hectares (rented for 29 years). 200 hectares for haymaking, 5000 hectares for pasture. Nowadays, sheep population is 700 heads. Additionally to the price of the Farm, you will get a six month food stock for sheep. There are 4 buildings on the Farm territory. 1) Sheepfold ( warm) for keeping sheep in winter period (1300m2). 2) Sheepfold for keeping sheep in summer period (1400m2) 3) Canopy for storing hay, with dimensions: 12m x 100m, with 6 m height. And for 1000 tons of hay, sheathed with metal profiles. 4) 2-floor building. 1st floor consists of 2 rooms (1 room –food stock with a grain mixer and 5 silos for cereal (40 tons) . 2nd room – milk cooler for 1 ton. 2 floor consists of 3 living rooms, sheathed with wood, with a total area of 80m2. Additionally to the price of the Farm, you will get an extensive technical park with all the necessary special equipment. • Autos (2 Kamaz and 1 UAZ , for more description – will send on demand) • Tractors – 4pcs (description on demand) • Special machinery – 10 pcs ( Press baler “John Deer», Trailer (3,5x5m)Watering can (for applying fertilizer to the soil), welding machine, milk cooler (for 1000 liters) grain mixer (with crusher) Fully formed and staffed team with necessary specialists – goes in a complex with a Farm. The financial condition of the Farm – no debt. There is all needed infrastructure with communications. The unique geographical location of this beautiful Farm will allow it to be turned into eco-park or eco-farm (with possibility of building a small tourist base, not far away from the banks of the Vorskla river. (with opportunity to visit the Farm) For all questions you are interested in, you can contact me by email (janekaidash@ukr.net) or call/write Viber - +380674229150 Zhanna

Property Details

Code: EC0000005039
Last Updated: 12/24/2019
Category: Farm/Ranch
Address: Poltava
Area: 96 Hectares



Contact - More Information

Contact Name: Zhanna Kai
E-mail: janekaidash@ukr.net
Phone: +380674229150 Viber

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